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Clients can regularly save 35% on their pharmacy spend

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Lead with Confidence

Are you seeing the results you should with your current pharmacy plan? You want to feel confident that your plan is performing at its best and need a partner to help you optimize pharmacy savings.

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Make the Transition

Employees are your most important asset. You understand the need to optimize the benefits plan and want to ensure the switch limits potential employee disruption. You need a partner that cares as much about the experience as the savings.

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Reinvest into Your Company

You continually see opportunities for growth and your health plan is no exception. You’re ready for your pharmacy benefits to fit into your long-term vision of investing in your team. You need a partner who can help you navigate the future with the same understanding.

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Disrupting the Status Quo

By offering no spread pricing, contract guaranteed rebates, and the Sona Max Program, clients are regularly able to save 20% - 35% off their total drug spend.

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