Transparent Pharmacy Benefit Management

The Experience You Deserve

Our pharmacy experts are on your side.

Custom plan design, elimination of spread pricing with pass-through pricing, contract-guaranteed rebates, and a straightforward administration fee. That’s how we’re disrupting the market.

Sona is different from other Pharmacy Benefit Managers in three distinct ways:

We Win When Clients Win

  • Sona offers transparent, pass-through pricing
  • We operate on an administration fee model so our client knows exactly what they are paying
  • Sona contract guarantees rebates be passed back to clients
  • With Sona, clients regularly save 20% – 35% off their total drug spend

We’re Engaged and Responsive

  • Sona provides in-house, customized plan design
  • Our pharmacists perform medication therapy management and prior authorizations for all clients (included in administration fee)
  • Our in-house customer service team is committed to ensuring your employees are helped in a timely manner
  • In-person reviews meetings and open enrollment participation

The Sona Wellness Program

  • Sona provides a disease management program led by advanced credentialed, clinical pharmacists that reduces the medical spend of high-risk employees
  • This program has been provided to generate significant ROI for plan sponsors