Sona Wellness Program

A Wellness Program That Works

Pharmacist coaching of high risk individuals is a model proven to produce ROI for plan sponsors and a powerful tool to manage ever rising healthcare costs.

The Sona Wellness Program allows clinical pharmacists to engage certain plan members with targeted chronic, or high-risk conditions, in a face-to-face or virtual coaching session on a quarterly basis.

Examples of targeted conditions include: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, COPD, and members who have recently undergone a transition of care or are on complex drug therapy.

Sona Benefits will analyze medical claims, prescription drug utilization, and integrated clinical data to identify plan members that have been diagnosed with chronic diseases.

Membership in the Wellness Program is optional, but is incentivized by reduced prescription copays.

Clinical pharmacists work with these members and their providers to establish and reinforce goal-oriented care plans.




The result?

A safer, more effective solution to drug therapy

Reduced medical expenditure

Improved overall health, function, and benefit satisfaction for participants