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Sona Health
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Pharmacy Benefit Management

Sona is different from other Pharmacy Benefit Managers in 3 distinct ways:

We Win When Clients Win

Sona offers no-spread, transparent pricing

  • We operate on a simple administration fee model so our client knows exactly what they are paying
  • Sona contract guarantees rebates be passed back to clients
  • We save ~20% on specialty medications with the Sona Max Program
  • With Sona, clients regularly save 20% – 35% off their total drug spend
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We’re Engaged and Responsive

Sona provides in-house, customized plan design

  • Our pharmacists perform medication therapy management and prior authorizations for all clients (included in administration fee)
  • Our in-house customer service team is committed to ensuring your employees are helped in a timely manner
  • In-person reviews meetings and open enrollment participation
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The Sona Health Management Program

Sona provides a health management program led by advanced credentialed, clinical pharmacists that reduces the medical spend of high-risk employees

The Sona Health Management Program reduces overall plan spend by partnering participants with chronic conditions with a clinical pharmacist health coach. By targeting plan participants that drive the majority of healthcare costs, Sona clinical pharmacists can use their expertise to drive better health outcomes at reduced costs.

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The Experience You Deserve

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No-Spread Pricing

Sona’s pricing will never have a spread - that’s our guarantee.

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100% Pass-Through Rebates

Contract guaranteed rebates are passed back to clients.

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Sona Max Program

The Sona Max Program reduces the cost of specialty medications by ~20%.

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Health Management

Pharmacist coaching of high risk individuals is proven to produce ROI.

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Sona Health Management Program

A Health Management Program That Works

Pharmacist coaching of high risk individuals is a model proven to produce ROI for plan sponsors and a powerful tool to manage ever rising healthcare costs.

The Sona Health Management Program allows clinical pharmacists to engage certain plan members with targeted chronic, or high-risk conditions, in a face-to-face or virtual coaching session on a quarterly basis.

Examples of targeted conditions include:
Diabetes | Cardiovascular Disease | Asthma | COPD

Sona Benefits will analyze medical claims, prescription drug utilization, and integrated clinical data to identify plan members that have been diagnosed with chronic diseases.

Membership in the program is optional, but is incentivized by reduced prescription copays.

text graphic: Improved overall health, function, and benefit satisfaction; A safer, more effective solution to drug therapy; Reduced Medical Costs

The Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a national pharmacy network?

Yes, we have over 75,000 pharmacies in our network including all of the large chains.

Can you mimic my current plan design?

Absolutely. We can mimic your current plan or custom design any detail.

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