Why Does Medication Adherence Matter?

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What is adherence and why does it matter? 

Adherence to medications means members are taking their medications as directed by their healthcare team. When members don’t take their medications as prescribed, it can cause worsening of health conditions, and in turn, increased costs for the plan. 

For example, a patient who doesn’t utilize their diabetes medication may experience complications such as heart issues requiring hospitalization. In this scenario, both the patient and the plan are faced with a preventable financial burden.

Here are a few of the ways Sona Benefits helps to ensure that members stay adherent: 

Open pharmacy network

Sona Benefits empowers patients to utilize the pharmacy of their choice. This ensures that patients can work with a pharmacy team they trust for medication guidance and support.

Allowance of 90-day fills

For many patients, filling medications in 90-day intervals means they are less likely to forget refills from month to month.

Support of manufacturer copay assistance

Sona Benefits plans can be billed in conjunction with secondary resources available from manufacturers. This helps both members and plan sponsors reduce the cost of brand-name medications.

Specialty Patient Management

Adherence to specialty medications is especially important. Our specialty pharmacy partner engages with patients regularly to ensure they are taking their medication as directed, resolve prior authorizations, connect members to additional resources, and more.

Health Management Program

Many plans will offer Health Management to members. In this program, members will work one-on-one with a trained clinical pharmacist to discuss medications and optimize medication regimens.


Medication adherence is one of the most important predictors of good health and control of chronic conditions. Sona Benefits is happy to support your group and members in this goal!

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