How to minimize disruption when switching pharmacy benefits

How to Minimize Employee Disruption when Switching Pharmacy Benefits

How to Minimize Disruption when Switching Pharmacy Benefits

You and your team have gone through the pain-staking work of researching, interviewing, comparing, and deciding on a benefits partner and feel ready to make the switch. But before that can happen, your HR team asks a very important question: how will this change immediately impact employees?

Change can bring issues and every HR professional and business leader wants to ensure that employees experience minimal disruption to their daily lives. Make sure that your new partner takes the following steps to minimize any employee disruption:

Mirror Current Plan Design

At Sona Benefits, we recommend replicating their current Rx plan design. This way, the only change most members experience is receiving a new ID card in the mail. The Rx copay tiers, network, coverages, and exclusions remain the same as last year, but the group benefits behind the scenes. Then in the second year, more extensive and noticeable changes can be made, if needed, without adding to the initial changes of a new benefits provider.

Communicate Early & Often

Our team knows how important it is to communicate benefit changes to employees. We send customized communications to clients they can post or send that details Rx plan updates and provides our contact information if members have any questions. We want to keep the HR team out of having to deal with Rx questions. It’s our job to minimize disruption through effective communication.

Proactive Outreach to Specific Members before Go-Live

Before go-live, the Sona Benefits team specifically reaches out to members that are impacted by any change. For example, if a member is on a specialty medication, they could need to change specialty pharmacies. Our team reaches out proactively so they are ready for the new plan without a lapse in treatment.


Like Sona Benefits, your partner’s goal should be to make the transition as easy as possible. We’re on the client’s team and will customize our approach to ensure a smooth launch!

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